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You won't be left to figuring out the "What Next?" We hold your hand through our online video training with graded quizzes and assignments to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running. 
We Got You
You will have every tool necessary to invest in mobile homes in 30 days or less. From scripts, marketing strategies, comping properties, contracts and more.
Mobile Home Blueprint
I’ll show you how to set your goals and kick-start your 6-figure revenue journey so you can get your first 10 customers as soon as possible.
Online Video Training
Real Estate Investing Too Competitive? Not Here!
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MHG Academy
"Back in 2016 I couldn't seem to grasp why so many investors jumped in the same pool everyone else swam in. Real estate flipping was suppose to be fun and exciting but it become overly saturated and discouraging. Thats when I decided to research mobile homes! After raising capital and guiding investors within my sphere on how to obtain high earning profits with a little investment, a light bulb went off in my head. With financial freedom being the complete focal point, I decided to implement real estate investing concepts but with a little twist. Mobile Homes! Thats when Mobile Home Guyz LLC became a thing. I now spend my days encouraging my team, building systems but also planning my next get away. This business can take you far if you let us enable you with the tools necessary to becoming a better business person."
Mobile Home King
             Who is Brandon Pfannenstiel?